Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Removal

Removing pet hair from carpets and roughs can be difficult and frustrating especially if you don't have appropriate vacuum cleaner to tackle the problem. Pet hair is the type of a dirt which is easy to spot and it spoils the look of a carpet. Pet hair spreads easily across whole flat or house sometimes triggering allergy reaction. To be sure hair is being removed you need powerful vacuum cleaner ideally equipped with special brush or other specialist tool. Luckily manufacturers know about problem and there is few really good pet hair removal vacs on the UK market. What is even more important they are capable of perfect cleaning and does much more than just removing the pet hair effectively. Here is our list of best models for hair removal:

Vax C90-P2-P Power 2

I can assure you you won't get better pet hair removal vacuum cleaner for this price. This cylinder models is capable of removing even the most stubborn hairs hidden in the depth of your carpet. 2000 Watts creates good suction power which effectively supports your cleaning efforts. To make it even easier Vax C90-P2-P was equipped with Turbo tool making vacuuming more efficient. 2.6kg capacity let you forget about emptying vac for a long time. It's also energy efficient with adjustable power setting which let you save energy when the full power is not needed. On top of that come double filtration system. Standard HEPA filter makes it allergy sufferers friendly while antibacterial filtration takes vacuuming to the whole new level leaving your carpets clean and fresh.


This is a compact version of Dyson Animal. It removes pet hair with ease thanks to a combination of good suction power and motorized brush bar. It is specialized in removing stubborn, clogged deep in carpets pet hair. Variety of tools and accessories available with this model makes it suitable for different interiors such as cars or small rooms. It has impressive 12.3 metres cleaning reach which saves your time on changing the switches. It is energy efficient which is a great news if you have to clean up your carpets frequently (a lot of pet owners has to). It is equipped with Dyson Ball technology which makes it easy to move around and improves steering. This saves you against being tired with vacuuming which again is a blessing if you vacuum often. DC25 Animal is a lightweight cleaner which makes it easy to carry up the stairs. DC25 Animal comes with a washable HEPA filter which mean you don't spend much on filters.

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Dyson DC25 Animal
Vax U90-P4-P Power 4

Another inexpensive model from Vax. This very powerful vacuum cleaner is extremely effective with hair removal and can help you maintain your carpets perfectly clean. 2200 Watts make it one of the most powerful vacs available in UK. But what really decides about vacuum's power suction is the number of Air-watts. This model has 300 which makes it a real beast. It has impressive 12 metres working radius and a large 4 litres dustbin. Vax U90-P4-P is surprisingly lightweight. 7.9kg - not bad for such a powerful vac. It is equipped with variety of tools such as 2 in 1 dusting brush which make vacuuming easier and more pleasures. You should consider this model if you looking for inexpensive upright vac capable of cleaning pet hair. If additionally you need something energy efficient this model is your friend.


Motor of Dyson DC32 Animal may have only 1400 Watts but the whopping 280 Air-watts it has provides it with an excellent suction power. Great suction mean effective vacuuming and energy saving. The unique feature of this model is the floor head with a turbine. It spins 90 times per second, helping removing clogged hair. It has adequate 10 metres working radius and 2 litres capacity. 5 year parts and labour guarantee is a proof of durability of Dyson vacs. Maneuverability of this model is great giving you the pleasure of hoovering not comparable with any other vac. Futuristic design guarantees this model will look great even in few years.

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Dyson DC32 Animal
Hoover Rush Pets TCR4233

For years Hoover has established itself as a manufacturer of a solid vacuum cleaners. This model is not an exception. Solid and powerful (2300 Watts) motor produces 270 Air-watts which guarantee exceptional suction power. Power can be manually adjust giving you opportunity to save up some energy when possible. Adjustable floor head guarantees perfect cleaning on all types of flooring. To successfully fight with stubborn pet hair it has been equipped with a turbo brush. Cable could be longer but with Hoover weighting 5.4kg is not a case. Easy to carry up and down and even easier to move around Hoover Rush Pets TCR4233 is worth your thought especially as it comes in attractive price.

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